Are your systems helping your business grow or holding it back? Are your systems in compliance with regulatory requirements? Do the words Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning make you cringe or smile? Would your company be able to quickly reopen for business after a natural or man-made disaster?

Recent breakthroughs in mobile technology, data storage capacity, internet security, disaster recovery, and advances in business process applications has resulted in a new generation of cost effective business solutions. These solutions address functions such as email, contact management, sales supervision, project management, payroll, human resources, and much more.

Unfortunately, most businesses continue to operate with the systems they put in place when they first started. It is common for business owners and executives in this segment to believe that they are saving money by not changing systems. For some, just the thought of changing systems is overwhelming. But the implementation of a new system combined with the end of some manual spreadsheets and processes can result in significant cost savings and increased efficiencies.

We have formed relationships with leaders in the business systems arena who provide and support some of the best systems available. We have developed these relationships over many years, and we respect both the products and reliability of the organizations.

Whether replacing existing systems or migrating to the cloud, the typical clients for these services are in the following industries:

  • Bio/Pharma/Life Sciences – Research and Development
  • Services
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing (including process manufacturers)
  • Wholesale and Distribution

A partial list of the Best in Class products that Jack Bleiberg can help you implement include:

Cloud Based:

On Premises ERP: