Enhance, Upgrade, or Start Fresh?

Enhance, Upgrade, or Start Fresh?

Part 4 in a 4-part series

This is the final installment in a 4-part series examining the effect business software can have on company growth.

To being with, regardless of whether the ultimate decision is to upgrade, enhance or replace a system in use, the appropriateness of your business systems should be part of the annual evaluation of your business plan, and definitely should be part of the discussion anytime there is a change to the business model or plan. Every business that succeeds will face the question of whether to upgrade, enhance the existing system or replace it with a new system entirely at some point in time, and there are benefits and costs to all three options.

Some questions you should ask when evaluating your software include:

  • Will the application be used throughout your company?
  • Will multiple departments or organizational units be using it?
  • Will this software integrate with other data systems?
  • If this software becomes unstable or unusable once deployed, will it have significant impact on your ability to operate?
  • What functionality does it provide and what functionality do I need?
  • Can it support the automation of routine functions?
  • Is the technology it uses current or outdated?
  • What technical support is available for my staff?
  • Was it designed for a company of this size?
  • What are the relative costs of keeping this system and updating it versus migrating to a new one?
  • What is the Total Cost of Ownership of a new system?

Jack Bleiberg is a Business Growth and Productivity Expert who can help you determine if the business software you are using is optimal for your business growth goals. Contact Jack today for a free consultation.

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